317 Peruvian Avenue, #205
Palm Beach, FL 33480
United States

We are located on the second floor of the building, above Maxperts, which can be accessed by the lobby and staircase opposite.

T: (561) 225-1811


Located in the heart of the island of Palm Beach, and with its gorgeous studio located on Peruvian Avenue, Palm Beach Yoga Shala encourages a warm and open environment, accessible to all, with a more personalized, hands-on experience through classes catered to the individual practitioner. This inquiry based approach to yoga - no two classes are the same, and no two teachers teach the same class - allows the practitioner to come to the yoga mat as they are, and not how textbooks or teachers dictate.

On a practical level, there is no retail space at Palm Beach Yoga Shala; we clean the mats for you, and water is provided as you need. Add to this a quirky sense of humor (the only magazines to be found in the studio are those in which Martin has been published) and you have Palm Beach Yoga Shala.

Palm Beach Yoga Shala is equally dedicated to crafting a home for yoga teachers from a variety of backgrounds, traditions, and trainings. Teachers at the beginning of their journey may inquire about our informal apprenticeship program.